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And this year we are hitting the beach.

It’s all about capturing your classic ‘Beach’ images to potentially become part of our iconic Summer Tee Collection.

Sand, surf, thongs, a sunset or a sea of umbrellas! Submit your shot and the story behind it, and your image may end up being worn as part of our famous Summer Snapshot Tee collection.

The Summer Snapshot Series competition runs until Friday 13th July 2018, with 6 winners chosen to feature on a Jeanswest Menswear tee and sold throughout 230 Australian and New Zealand stores.

Our judging panel welcomes two new guest judges – Blacklist Studio and Creative Director – Andrew Henderson. Together with one judge from our Jeanswest team who will be making the tough decisions and awarding awesome prizes.

Entries will be judged on how well they’ve captured ‘Beach’ life. The use of colour, light and their potential to be used as fashion graphics will also be part of the judging criteria.

So, get creative and start snapping!